Why partner with us?

Effortless Referals

TranQool has taken the neccesary security measures to ensure your patient’s information is safely secured. We are always available via email or a toll free phone line.

Affordable Care

TranQool sessions are reimbursable through extended health insurance. The price of a session on TranQool is significantly lower than the market rate of therapy.

Guaranteed Quality

We ensure your people get matched with the right therapist. If they are not happy with their first therapist, they will receive a free session with another therapist.

“By partnering with TranQool, we can provide entrepreneurs and their staff access to registered counsellors at their convenience to book a session wherever, whenever.”

Abdullah Snobar
Executive Director of the DMZ.

Steve Lurie, executive director for the Canadian Mental Health Association's Toronto branch, called video therapy the "wave of the future” in an interview with the CBC on TranQool.

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