TranQool privacy & accountability

We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy, by complying with the applicable privacy laws and regulations in Canada. We do not ask for information we do not need, and we protect the information we have. End-­to-­end security with full transparency is what drives information security at TranQool.

The TranQool privacy statement is designed to meet the standards prescribed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the regulations thereunder as well as applicable provincial privacy legislation and regulations including, but not limited to, the Personal Health Information Protection Act (Ontario; PHIPA).

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3 keys to secure & confidential sessions

1. Secure payment

Secure payment method

Secure payments go through the PCI compliant service that takes care of payments for TranQool. TranQool does not sell, trade or share your financial information.

Credit card, debit, and billing information is private and secure.

2. Encrypted sessions on TranQool

Encryption between terminals

TranQool video calls are powered by OpenTok (a 3rd party service from TokBox that takes care of encrypted video streaming on WebRTC). Audio, video, and text chat are never stored on servers. The platform is designed to simply route messages between you and your provider and never log the content contained within the call. All media traffic is encrypted, even when you are on an open public hotspot. With OpenTok, all your data is anonymized. Login details, IP addresses, identities, payment information, and more are never shared with TokBox.

3. Encryption at rest and in transit

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Your data is secured at rest on a dedicated server and in transit through HTTPS and SSL tunnels. TranQool uses AES methodology for securing your data. TranQool architect resides behind a firewall and a Virtual Private Cloud, thus limiting access to a few protected access points.

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Confidentiality of TranQool Therapists

TranQool therapists are experienced mental health professionals registered/licensed with their provincial (currently; only Ontario) regulatory body.

Your session with your therapist is a private 1-on-1 encrypted and secured channel. Your therapist will keep your information secure and confidential as per Personal Health Information Protection Act of Ontario, Canada (PHIPA).

Necessary personal information is collected during registration, booking a session and through your profile. Our priority is to protect your data with state of the art security measures. We do not sell or trade your information, and we protect your privacy, confidentiality, and your rights with respect to Canada’s privacy laws.

Questions? Concerns?

Remember we are always here to help and answer any question you have! If you have questions or concerns about online privacy please email us at: [email protected]

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